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Hiring a student employee

Hiring Process

The following guidelines are meant to help payroll initiators as well as anyone needing a refresher on the processing steps needed to hire a student employee; regardless of where the student is working within the university system. Hiring a student is similar to onboarding any employee.

Also, if Homewood students (KSAS & WSE) you must select University Experiential Learning as Approver II on the ISR form.

Resources & Tools

If you decide to hire a student, please select the 'Begin Hiring Process' button beside the student's application in SMILE. This action will send an automatic message to the students and their confirmation of campus employment. They will be provided instructions on how to complete their Form I-9.

You will be presented with a Confirmation of Campus Employment form. Before you submit the form, verify/complete the following...

  • Email To
  • Start date
  • Pay rate
  • Cost Center
  • Timesheet Approver etc.
Staff/faculty/departments will continue to initiate the New Hire ISR as they have done in the past. If your HR department initiates the New Hire ISR, they will automatically receive an email with the pertinent information they need (student name, start date, pay rate, cost center, timesheet approver etc.) Additionally, the Confirmation of Campus Employment form will help you/your HR to complete the new hire ISR.

If you do not already have the type of position needed, one must be created. See ISR Position Create samples below. Please note, the Position Create ISR does NOT require an Approver II. If you list our office as Approver II, your ISR will be rejected. Should your department need multiple copies of this type of position, you can request additional copies based on your department's need. You simply need to include a request in the Comments Section at the time you submit the ISR.

If your department already has a position type that meets your requirement, but it is occupied by another student, you must initiate an ISR Position Copy. This type of ISR also does NOT require an Approver II. Please note, if you use a position that is already assigned to another student employee, your ISR will be rejected.

Once your ISR Position Create/Copy has been finalized, you will receive an email from HR Shared Services. After which, you must go to the ISR Report Log to view the final recipient comments and find the new position number. Be sure that the position number referenced on the ISR New Hire form is a vacant position and that the pay frequency matches the hiring information.

To check if you have a vacant position, go to PPose:
PPose is a feature of SAP that allows you to search for Staff Assignments (i.e., position number), Supervisor Information, Vacant Positions, etc. You can search by 'Org Unit' or 'Individual Position Number'. Visit HR Shared Services website > SAP-Help Job Aids > Searching for Staff Assignments/Supervisory Info.

To help you get started, view these examples.

ISR Position Create Examples

Position Copy

Once you have a position, you must process an ISR New Hire form to put the student on payroll with your SAP org unit, cost center, etc. Be sure to select someone from University Experiential Learning as Approver 2. You will receive an email from HR Shared Services notifying you that the ISR New Hire has been finalized. Once again, you must go to the ISR Report Log to view the final recipient comments, this is where you will find the student's personnel number (PERNA).

New Hire Checklist form is completely optional. The form is designed to make certain that the ISR Initiator has all necessary information needed for completing the New Hire ISR. Note, an ISR document cannot be saved once started. For this reason, it is extremely helpful to have the checklist completed by the student and/or hiring supervisor prior to starting the ISR. It is a useful tool, but optional.

Permanent Address: When initiating an ISR New Hire for an incoming graduate student, who does not yet have a local address, you may use the mailing address of the graduate department. However, you must remember to direct the student to ESS to update their address once activated in the payroll system (or) the department can complete a Personal Data Change ISR as soon as possible to update the address accordingly.

Mail Code F11 (For Homewood Students Only)

Students who are paid hourly must have mail-code F11 (Personnel Administrator) to ensure their paycheck and other payroll-related documents are forwarded to University Experiential Learning. Undergraduates who are paid a salary may have the mail-code of their hiring department, provided it is a Homewood mail-code. Graduate students who are paid salary by their graduate department should use that department's mail-code; this especially applies to concurrent employment.

For example: A graduate student in the History department with a teaching assistantship (salary) who works for the MSE Library (hourly) should have the History department's mail code for both jobs.

For SAP Job Aids & ISR Samples, visit SAP Job Aids

Before starting the ISR New Hire, be sure to ask the student for their award information (FWS Authorization Form). Using my.jh.edu portal, the student will sign into SIS and select the appropriate academic year. Assuming the student has an FWS award, they will click on the Federal Work-Study Authorization Form which they can save as a PDF to provide/email to their campus employer.

When completing the New Hire for a student with work-study, you must enter the FWS Z-Code as well as the end date of the award. The begin date should match the effective date of the ISR provided it is later than the start date of FWS.

This will trigger the payroll system to automatically charge the correct percentage of the student???s wage to the work-study budget. Once the work-study award is depleted, your budget will be charged 100% for all hours worked. Students may hold multiple campus jobs simultaneously. If they have another campus job using their FWS award, you will need to take this into account when estimating how many hours the student can work in your department before their award is exhausted.

Undergraduate students, paid using work-study funding, MUST be compensated on an HOURLY basis.

What should I do about a returning student (already in SAP with my dept. info) who receives a new work-study award?
This refers to students with Federal Work-Study who will continue to work in the same department/same job either between academic years (or) if you hired the student non-FWS and they now have FWS (within the same year). In either case, you will not complete an ISR. Instead, you must submit an FWS Job Continuation Form. Please note: If the hourly rate of pay is different from what currently exists in SAP, you must also submit an Employment Action (EA) Salary Change.

A Form I-9 (E-Verification) must be completed by all employees within 3-business days from their first day of work. If you are hiring a student of KSAS or WSE, and are uncertain if they have completed the I-9 for the university, you can contact University Experiential Learning to verify their I-9 status. Should a student fail to complete the Form I-9 in the allotted time allowed -and- continues to work, the university is in violation of I-9 compliance laws/regulations. Hence, it is the hiring department's responsibility to ensure that the I-9 is completed on time, else they MUST suspend the student's employment immediately. For more information, visit Form I-9 page for students.

Concurrent employment refers to a student who has more than one campus job simultaneously; they are employed by multiple departments or hold multiple positions within the same department. Hours worked at multiple jobs, concurrently, count toward the weekly limit (19.99).

Sample scenarios include:

Multiple On-Campus Jobs
In the fall, Becky accepted a student job with the Dean???s Office and also with the Digital Media Center. Becky has concurrent employment.

Same Department, Multiple Hourly Rates
Hussein works for Academic Advising as a student tutor for two courses; each pays a different hourly rate. Tutoring for Course A pays $15/hour; tutoring for Course B pays $20/hour. Even though both jobs are within the same department, because they have different rates of pay, they are treated as two separate jobs. Each job is assigned a different personnel number in SAP. As a result, Hussein has concurrent employment.

Fellowship Position and Salaried Position
Tatiana has been awarded an Owen Fellowship. She also holds a student position within her graduate department. The fellowship is paid in a non-employee position; the graduate position is a salaried/wage position. Each is assigned a different personnel number in SAP. As a result, Tatiana has concurrent employment.

An appointment letter from the appointed Dean's office regarding Postdoctoral Fellows in order to process payroll documents (ISR Forms); we cannot accept verbal approval. The appointment letter must contain the dates (start/end) as well as the FTE and/or semi-monthly salary guidelines.

For KSAS departments, the ISR must match the dates and salary outlined in the appointment letter exactly, unless otherwise noted in the Comment Section of the ISR. For WSE departments, the dates and salary on the ISR may fall within the dates and FTE outlined in the appointment letter.

With regard to additional assignments/wages, separate from the appointment, University Experiential Learning must receive written confirmation of approval by the appropriate Dean's office. The only exception to this rule is for teaching with Summer/Intersession Programs, the Heart Program, etc. The approval for this has been standardized by the Dean's office and no further documentation is required.

Leave of Absence (LOA)
Reason code LOA may NOT be used for student employees, including Postdocs. Should a student be granted academic LOA, he or she must be removed from the payroll system (OR) be transferred to a full or part/time staff position. The only exception to this rule is for Postdocs who are approved for Short-Term Disability.


  • KSAS and WSE postdoctoral fellows will be automatically enrolled for short term disability insurance provided by The Hartford.
  • Benefits begin after the 14th consecutive day of absence and continue for up to 11 weeks provided the postdoc remains disabled and unable to work. Pay continues at the full rate during the 14-day absence.
  • The plan pays 60% of weekly base earnings, not to exceed $1,000 per week, for an eligible absence.
  • A postdoc's benefits may be reduced if he/she is receiving other disability benefits (i.e., Workers' Compensation, Social Security).

HOW TO (the process)

  • When the postdoctoral fellow is placed on payroll, the Benefits office will inform The Hartford that he/she is eligible for short-term disability insurance (this notice is made weekly). If the postdoc has no payroll, regardless of the situation, he/she will not be included on the eligibility list to The Hartford.
  • If a postdoc becomes unable to work, he/she should: (1) inform the local departmental administrator or appropriate HR representative immediately; and (2) contact The Hartford at 800 303-9744. Additional information available here at: http://www.benefits.jhu.edu/documents/JHU_telephonic_brochure.pdf.
  • The department administrator or appropriate HR representative should complete an ISR putting the postdoc on Leave of Absence status and zeroing his/her payroll for the appropriate effective date. Approver 2 must be University Experiential Learning. (Note: There is a 14-day elimination period that the PD can remain on the payroll.)
  • The Hartford will decide whether to approve/deny the claim.
  • The Hartford will notify the postdoc's supervisor via email with a decision. Brenda Askew in the the Homewood Office of Human Resources also has access to retrieve information from The Hartford regarding approvals/denials. Brenda will then contact the departmental payroll staff member to ask if there are any questions regarding the completion of the ISR and E210.
  • If the claim is approved, The Hartford will pay the postdoc directly for a period of up to 11 weeks. There are no further payments after the 11-week period.
  • When the postdoc returns, the Return from Leave of Absence ISR is processed by the departmental administrator or appropriate HR representative. Approver 2 must be University Experiential Learning.

PLEASE NOTE: The administration of the short-term disability benefit with the Hartford and any questions regarding that benefit can be directed to the office of the Benefits Service Center and Office of Benefits Services.

Learn more about the Postdoctoral Retirement Plan.

These are full-time students who have been invited from other colleges, universities, or high schools. In order to hire them into a Visiting Student Job Classification, the following rules/policies apply. Also, please note that visiting students on university payroll are subject to FICA Tax Withholding -AND- they may work up to 37.5/hrs. per week.

Criteria Specifications

All visiting student applicants MUST meet each of the following criteria.
  1. They MUST be registered in a full time program at a high school, college, or other university during the academic year
  2. They have been selected to participate in a summer or formal outreach program offered by the university, or they..
    • responded to a JHU internship/research opportunity that complements the student's academic focus,
    • were invited by a faculty member to work in their research lab in conjunction with the student's academic concentration,
    • followed a faculty member to Johns Hopkins University in order to complete their research or degree requirements.
  3. Received a letter of appointment or invitation from the appropriate Office of the Dean (i.e., Dean of Arts & Sciences, Dean of Engineering, Dean of Student Life).

What else is needed

Visit how to pay visiting students Paying > Paying Visiting Students

For departments that require employees, including students, to provide valid proof of a 'negative' PPD skin test for tuberculosis, it is your responsibility to ensure that the student(s) comply as part of the hiring process. The Student Health and Wellness Center may provide this screening free of charge if the student has the JHU Student Health Benefits Plan. If they have private health insurance, they need to pay $10 for each PPD placement.

Homewood students working at School of Medicine require ID Badges. For more information, visit the ID Badges page for students.

All students age 17 and under must have a valid work permit on file for the State of Maryland before beginning work. For more information, visit the Work Permits page for students.

If you are hiring a non-Homewood campus student, one who is not registered in the schools of KSAS or WSE, you must contact the appropriate office/person (i.e. Peabody, Public Health, Nursing, etc.). Each division has a specific process regarding who initiates the ISR New Hire form, collects employment documents, etc. Before you allow the student to begin working, please contact the appropriate person as outlined below:

School of Public Health

Carri Colison

(443) 287-2620

Carey Business School

Human Resources

(410) 234-9312

Kennedy Krieger

Training Administration Office

(443) 923-7980


Elizabeth Digney

(667) 208-6533

School of Education

Tracy Walker

(443) 310-0209

School of Medicine

For Medical Students Only
Robin Lenzo
(410) 955-3211
For Graduate Students/Medical Students/PhD
Cheilk Seye
(667) 208-8022
For Medical Students /PhD
Sharon Welling
(410) 955-8008

School of Nursing

Students Hiring
Tanya Spruill

Charlene Camponeschi

(410) 955-7546


Takoya Edwards

(202) 249-7328
Naomi Breeden

(202) 249-7328